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Korean Food Made Easy

If, like me, you are somewhat obsessed with Korean food then this book is a winner. Hwang grew up in Los Angeles and it was the simple family meals that her Korean grandmother made for the extended family that set her on a culinary career.


Hugo’s Bistro

AUCKLAND. It's just a well that Hugo’s Bistro is open for all-day dining as the chairs here are so soft to sink into that it’s hard to muster up the will to leave. And why would you want to when the house-blend coffee is excellent, the food is good and the service is so warm.



AUCKLAND. The viaduct on a sultry Friday evening is booming with baby boomers. Most restaurants and bars are packed. Giraffe, the latest venture by everyone’s favourite Masterchef judge Simon Gault, is no exception.



AUCKLAND. K Road has been home to many a pop-up venture and one of the more recent ones, Cotto, which started up as a three-month fxture in the old 69 premises, has now become a permanent restaurant.