Right from the start the guys at Garage Project determined that each of their beer bottles or cans would feature unique art and here are 100 of their original designs – some whimsical, some trippy, some dark and a bit disturbing, often irreverent, always attention-grabbing. At Garage Project they make beer because it’s fun, and that sense of irrepressible and subversive excitement streams from the pages of this funky little book. Alongside the extraordinary pop art from Garage Project’s bottles and cans are snippets of the stories behind the beers and hints of their influences ranging from pop culture to death metal, ballet, poetry, anime, video games, fairytales, comic books and classical music. Sketches show ideas developing and alternative designs, giving a glimpse into the artistic process that is often kicked off by a brief of just a few key words. Bubbling with colour and creativity, the book showcases the work of 45 artists from among the more than 400 beers that have poured out of Garage Project over eight years. Criticised in the early days as brand suicide, Garage Project’s unique art has given rise to a vibrant little book well worth a session.