In our latest episode of Cuisine Bites we explore that wonderful occurrence, the ‘chef’s collab’.

Collaborations between restaurants and chefs have become almost the norm, with chefs partnering up around the country to showcase their food and reach new customers by appearing at a host restaurant. Collaborations might seem like a lot of fun but, in reality, they are hard work, with chefs having to work in unfamiliar spaces, with equipment and ingredients they are not used to and teams that may work to a completely different rhythm to what they have developed with their teams at home.Yet, when they work well, these collaborations are an excellent opportunity for diners to experience the flavours, techniques and approach of a visiting chef who we may not otherwise have immediate access to.

You’ll hear from three incredible chefs who are winging their way to New Zealand to perform alongside local chefs at Visa Wellington on a Plate 2019; Sara Kramer from Kismet, Los Angeles; Ravinder Bhogal from Jikoni, London and Margot Henderson from Rochelle Canteen in London.

Plus, a little closer to home, chefs Nic Watt and Chris Will from Masu by Nic Watt at SkyCity Auckland are teaming up with chef Casey McDonald for a taste of Craggy Range Winery.

Nic says it is shaping up to be a bit of a ripper.