Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard are the owners of Feather and Bone in Marrickville, NSW, one of Australia’s few whole-body butcheries. So, they are the perfect team to have written this wonderful cookbook that delivers 60 nose-to-tail recipes for conscious carnivory while answering some of the questions that we should all be asking as ethical consumers. How did it live? How did it die? What impact did it have on the planet? How much should I eat? Should I eat meat at all? Community chefs, butchers, farmers, activists and domestic cooks share recipes that cover all parts of the animal as this book tackles the answers to those questions with the goal of helping you decide which food-production systems you want to support. “Every step that each of us takes – no matter how large or small – towards a more considered and beneficial relationship with nature is good for everyone else.” Start with rendering fats and simmering broth, then try Norwegian shanks, South Indian goat fry, pig’s ear banh mi or vitello lingua tonnato and finish with a whole-roasted Greek lamb on the spit. There is something here for everyone and we should all be in this together. KELLI BRETT