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March 30, 2019By Cuisine

I grew up in a family of kelp fiends. Mostly I remember the thick layer of dried kelp granules my younger brother would apply to his bowls of soup, a seaweed crust if you will. Being a vegetarian family, my mother was always trying to add extra nutrients into our diets, and the weeds of the sea contain many. Not only are they a great source of natural iodine and B12, but also antioxidants and essential amino acids, too. I favour the NZ seaweed company Pacific Harvest when purchasing seaweed as many of their products are harvested from our own oceans.

I’ve specified which seaweed has been used in each recipe, but it’s super-easy to substitute different seaweeds depending on what you might have at hand or your own personal preference. If a recipe calls for granules, simply swap for another finely ground dried seaweed, if flakes/fronds are called for swap for any other small flaked dried seaweed and so on…

NOTE: People with thyroid disorders or allergies to iodine should consult their health practitioner before consuming seaweed.