Not a cookbook in the conventional sense (not all the ‘recipes’ have an edible result) Dr Michelle Dickinson guides budding scientists of all ages through 50 science experiments demonstrating principles of physics, chemistry and biology, using ingredients and equipment that you’ll have in the kitchen. The colourful, large format presents hard science in a fun, appealing way for kids, with clear easy-to-follow instructions, explanations of the principles behind each experiment and suggestions of extra tasks and challenges to explore the ideas further. Younger children can tackle making edible slime or marbled milk, while projects such as making a solar oven from a pizza box will keep older kids interested. The ‘edible experiments’ section will have you making butter, ricotta, ice cream, honeycomb and bread, while learning the why as well as the how. If bad weather keeps you indoors during the winter school holidays this book could help pass a few hours, or a few days.