It is fitting in our ‘family’ issue that we also think about the pleasure and comfort of food during the later stages of life. I have followed the brilliant work of Australian chef Peter Morgan-jones as he has tackled the very important need for providing delicious food for those whose choices have become diminished by age and illness. Now he has joined forces with one of New Zealand’s leading palliative care specialists, Professor Rod Macleod MNZM, to find ways to say yes to the very personal and meaningful food choices of a person who is dying.

From his hospital bed, Josino said to Peter, “All I ask is to be able to choose what I want to eat.” These words weigh heavily on me. Food choice is something I take for granted. The more we can understand the needs of a person near the end of life and what they are experiencing, the better we can prioritise and support their food choices. Supporting loved ones in the last stages of life is something that many of us face or will face in the future. When I am at that stage myself, I hope my carer has read this beautiful and important book.