Boysenberries, yum. Freeze-dried boysenberries, ooh yes please. Freeze-dried boysenberries dipped in white chocolate, stop it, you’re killing me. Such moreish little beauties from er, Little Beauties deserve to be scattered generously over summer desserts if, that is, you can bear to share them. $6.99 for 13.5g pack.

A year of change, well Juno Gin certainly got that right but what better way to deal with it? The Year of Change 4-bottle pack contains one 200ml bottle of each of the Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring gin releases – every one a medal winner. With fennel, parsley and celery seeds, the Spring gin bursts with green freshness. A gorgeous gift. $165 for the pack.

It’s never been more important to look after your immune system and taking a daily dose of goodness just got easier with Daily Good Tonics. With three flavours – turmeric, blackcurrant and ginger – the infusions are organic, gluten-free and dairy free. There are seven shots in a 350ml bottle so you’re well for the week. RRP $24.99.

When it’s time for an indulgent treat this Marshmallow Fluff from Secret Kiwi Kitchen is just the ticket. It channels toasted campfire marshmallows into a gooey, spoonable sauce that just rocks when poured over ice cream, topping cup cakes or (don’t tell) on toast for breakfast. $14 for 315ml.

Honey? Hunny? Whatever – Nut Brothers Vegan Hunny is a plant-based sweetener made from the nectar of coconut flowers. It has a sweet, caramelly taste (interestingly not a trace of coconut flavour) that can be substituted directly for sugar, syrups or honey – mmmmm on a buttered, freshly baked scone. $8.99 for 360g.

Take a cup of Kaitahi Frozen Smoothy Drops, add liquid and shake – that’s it, no blender needed, no mess, no worries. This south-Taranaki iwi-owned enterprise uses native Māori-inspired ingredients such as pūhā, kawakawa, kūmara, and rewarewa honey in three varieties: Kiwi C Boost, Super Green Zing and Triple Berry Protect. $10.50 for a 400g pouch.

Omahu Valley Citrus is a family business run on a small farm south of the Coromandel Peninsula. Their products, including this fab grapefruit marmalade, contain no artificial ingredients and the preserves use fruit grown in the farm’s orchards using unique recipes. And it took out a silver medal at the World’s Original Marmalade Competition. $8 for 300g jar.

Who knew that hemp has a heart? Well, try out Hemp Connect Hemp Hearts – just a couple of spoonfuls pack a serious amount of essential nutrients and a nutty flavour somewhere between pine nuts and sunflower seeds. $24.99 for 250g.