A super-tasty, coarse-grind sausage with a little spice, Martinez Charcutería Auténtica pays homage to the art of making traditional chorizo de España here in Aotearoa. La familia Martinez uses recipes which have been handed down from father Manuel Martinez to his daughter and son-in-law, who now produce authentic cured and fresh chorizo. RRP $13.90 for 340g. martinez.co.nz Available from Sabato. sabato.co.nz

The 15th release in the Sawmill IPA series, Aotearoa IPA is the first to be released in a can. These beers are the first of their kind to celebrate exclusively New Zealand hops and malts; the hops in this brew all come from the Nelson region and the Motueka was grown at Clayton Hops at Matariki, near Tapawera. The perfect hops for a hazy beer such as this, they give plenty of refreshing grapefruit character for a beer to enjoy all summer. RRP $8.99 for a 440ml can. sawmillbrewery.co.nz


Enhance all seafood dishes – especially risotto, paella or bouillabaisse – with El Navarrico Fumet de Pescado – a concentrated base made with tomatoes, fish, shrimp, squid, vegetables, olive oil and wine. RRP $14.50 for 500ml. Available from Sabato. sabato.co.nz

Being pioneers in producing the finest artisan-smoked paprika, La Chinata has now taken it one step further by creating a convenient seasoning for paella enthusiasts. La Chinata Sazonador Paella is a blend of smoked paprika, tomato powder, tumeric, herbs, saffron and ñora peppers that will give your paella that authentic taste. RRP $14.90 for 4 sachets (each sachet serves 4). Available from Sabato. sabato.co.nz

Made from 100 per cent buffalo milk, Clevedon Buffalo Co. Walnut Gouda is studded with premium walnuts and makes a fantastic table cheese or a great addition to your summer salads. RRP $7.99 per 100g. clevedonbuffalo.co.nz

Distilled in Christchurch, Divergence is a single malt New Zealand whisky made from the highest-quality Canterbury malted barley. The standard spirit has rested for 31⁄2 years in French oak, and there are two limited releases; one is fully aged for 3 years in an ex-pinot noir cask, another has been finished in a sloe-gin barrel. It’s from the team that make Curiosity Gin, so they know how to handle a still. $110-150 for a 700ml bottle. thespiritsworkshop.co.nz

 Skinny Fizz is a real drink with just two ingredients: sparkling water with a splash of New Zealand fruit, that’s it. The fruit taste comes from real fruit – no artificial sweeteners or colours, no added sugar. Everything is sourced locally, using lemons and limes from Gisborne and raspberries from Waikato. There are three flavours to choose from: lemon, lime and raspberry. RRP $20 for 12 x 330ml cans. skinnyfizz.co.nz