The latest from Australia’s bestselling cookbook writer and it’s the now familiar mantra of how to incorporate more veges into everyday meals. Far from feeling like a jump-on-the-bandwagon exercise, the recipes here look healthy, delicious and enticing, while remaining simple enough for the weeknight rush. There’s no place here for sad salads and the same old dull side dishes – the book is packed with clever variations such as spinach and zucchini fritters that can become tacos, crispy loaded pancakes or tortillas. I’m sold on the cheat’s idea of using tortillas as the base for a tart – Hay shows us how to top them with either ricotta and garlicky mushrooms or luscious peach and coconut. A few meat dishes sneak in but largely it’s a collection of light, fresh food that will fill your summer table with plant-based, budget-conscious and family-friendly dishes and re-inspire your weekly routine.