We’re Watching… Chantelle Nicholson

Tracy Whitmey meets a world-recognised Kiwi chef bringing her no-waste focus to a new TV series.

We’re watching… Lucas Parkinson

Tracy Whitmey talks to Lucas Parkinson about a new way to run a restaurant and helping our seasonal towns to thrive.

We’re watching… Angela Allan

Kerry Tyack meets Angela Allan, winner of New Zealand Sommelier of the Year 2023.

We’re watching… Conor McDonald

Kerry Tyack meets Conor McDonald, an Irish chef who is running hot.

We’re Watching… Diva Giles

Kerry Tyack meets Diva Giles, a woman making gentle waves in Auckland’s close-knit hospitality scene.

We’re Watching . . . Lizzie Rogers

Kerry Tyack meets Lizzie Rogers, a young chef whose enthusiasm and work ethic will take her a long way but whose heart…

We’re Watching… Thomas Hilton

Luke Owen Smith meets Thomas Hilton of Ao Cacao, the Māori chocolatier creating beautifully crafted bonbons and bars…

We’re Watching… Kenji Yoshitsuka

Artistic flair and surprising flavours combine in desserts to make you look twice, discovers Tracy Whitmey.

We’re Watching… Angel Apun / Luntian

Vegan Filipino food without compromise on taste is the goal of this food entrepreneur, discovers Tracy Whitmey.

We’re Watching . . . Tushar Grover

Complete focus on learning his craft drives this young chef, says Kerry Tyack.