This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme underscored the crucial role of inclusion in achieving gender equality. It called for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and create environments where all women are valued and respected.

We hope these highlights from our magical day on 7th March at the Park Hyatt Auckland will inspire you to mark your calendars for next year and celebrate with us as we bring women working within the diverse food and drink industry together to connect and share their wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Congratulations to our spectacular Top 50 Women in Food & Drink and thank you to all of the wonderful women & men who came along to support, empower and help maintain an inclusive mindset at the Women In Food & Drink Awards 2024.

This year was our second awards event and the room was filled to capacity with some of the most influential women within the food-and-drink industry. Thanks to chefs Kirsty Tie, Caroline Chang & Chika Miyawaki and the incredible team at Park Hyatt Auckland who made this event all the more special by demonstrating the art of true hospitality.

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Together we can change the dialogue.

Our Women's Words

“So grateful. Right at a low point when I was feeling so depleted, this has really helped fill my cup. Dedicating this to all the working mums out there who are trying to hold it together and deserve a break! I see you and you are loved and appreciated.”

Nadia Lim – Co-founder My Food Bag, Cookbook Author, Entrepreneur & Farmer 

Leaving the Goldfields Cavalcade at Waikaia, a beautiful small town in the middle of Southland, arriving in Auckland, it was hard to adjust, but it was a privilege to be included and to be amongst the Top 50 Most Influential and Inspiring Women In Food and Drink in Aotearoa. Thank you for my award and a place in the “Cuisine Hall Of Fame” Looking at these Women at the “top of their game” It was good to be reminded …

Fleur Sullivan – WIFDNZ Hall of Fame Recipient 2024

“This WIFDNZ recognition belongs to the hundreds of volunteers that join Fair Food NZ each month. Thank you for helping our community experience the joy of kai. I’ve got 49 new Girl Boss mentors to look up to now.”

Michelle Blau  – General Manager Fair Food NZ

“I loved catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in far too long; meeting women I’ve looked up to for many years; and I lost track of the number of times the conversations included “I love your work, we follow each other, but it’s so nice to meet in person!”

Michal Garvey – Founder and Director at Foodprint

“Stunning venue, food, wines, cool people, inspiring day, AND, we sold Whanganui to the masses!”

Emily Wolmarans – Mixologist and Bar Owner

“As excited as I am to be on this list again, how truly wonderful it is to have my Eat New Zealand co-worker Kate Underwood & so many of our Kaitaki (next gen food leaders) on this Top 50 list.”

Angela Clifford – CEO at Eat New Zealand

“It speaks to a shift in our food culture to have food systems recognised as a ‘thing’ and something that needs to be written and spoken about, and celebrated. This gives me hope because the more people that “get” it, the better our food system will be.”

Emily King – Founder of Spira, Author of Re-food

“So proud of these inspiring wahine making brave moves in the food and drink industry. Congratulations to all those who were nominated, and of course to Nadia our Supreme Winner!

Joelene Ranby – Founder / Programme Director Resolution Retreats

“Proud and grateful to be a part of such an inspiring and uplifting event. To be in the same room as so many strong women in NZ food and drink has been not only humbling but hugely motivating for our team.” Team XPO

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