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May 9, 2020By Cuisine

When we started to plan this issue, the idea was for a potluck dinner for a group of friends. However, at the time we went to print it was not possible to gather to eat and spend time together. But, as the dishes were planned to cook at home and carry, they’re a great option to make and give to close-by friends or neighbours to lift their spirits. And, let’s think ahead to happier times when we can party once again.  I have a few guidelines for hosting a potluck to avoid an influx of random offerings. Firstly, I think it’s a great idea to have a theme; this can be a style of food or a specific cuisine so at least the offerings will all go well together and avoid glaring mismatches. We decided on a theme of Star Wars Day, May the fourth, with a food theme of looking to the future. I asked contributors to give a modern New Zealand bistro-style dish and Editor Kelli Brett to take care of the salad. As a special guest, I also invited Cuisine founder, Julie Dalzell, to bring one of her go-to party dishes from a past issue.

Another good tip for potlucks is to send out a list of dishes you need early on.  Ask people to choose from, say, nibbles, protein mains, vege options, salad, dessert – they don’t need to be specific at that stage. This will make sure you don’t end up with six mains and no dessert.