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So what is the food of love?

The pressure is on. I’ve just remembered it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I don’t know about you but my day is already filled with back-to-back meetings, so dinner is hardly going to be a four-course extravaganza.


Making it more human again

Hospitality can be a glorious career choice. Many young people are attracted to the hospitality world for the sense of family and belonging that it can provide. However, when restaurants and customers fail to deliver, these young employees can find themselves working within a dysfunctional hospitality family.


How to Keep Fish on the Menu

As I write, the Telegraph in the UK has published the findings of a study conducted by an international group of ecologists and economists, saying that if our rate of over-fishing continues, the world’s currently fished seafood will have reached what is defined as collapse by 2048. I hasten to add this is a projection, it’s not a prediction.


View to a Tipple

If you are a visitor to Queenstown you will find yourself on the magnificent lakefront – it’s what you do in Queenstown. And once there, you can’t miss the glorious, palatial façade of Eichardt’s Private Hotel, dating back to 1867. It’s a significant local landmark, born as a result of the rich vein of gold that attracted many prospectors and opportunists from around the world to the shores of Lake Wakatipu.


I am

The question "What is New Zealand food?" is often asked and it’s tricky to answer. New Zealand’s food culture has evolved dramatically, but perhaps we will never have a ‘New Zealand cuisine’ as such. We are not bound by the time-honoured culinary traditions that bind so many other countries, leaving us free to create our own food identity.


Up the Line

Imagine a magnificent day out tasting flavours and ingredients that you might never have tried before, mixing with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about premium food, and along the way hearing inspiring stories of determination, ingenuity, risk and innovation?



The Uber had pulled up on a busy Queen Street corner and I could see the Sunglass Hut and a Quest apartment hotel, but it took a few more seconds before I spotted the entrance to the hotel that houses Cooke’s Restaurant & Bar, where I was due to attend a lunch that Clive Weston – Managing Director, Negociants NZ – had hinted would be one not to miss.

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