Back to the future

By Cuisine1 Minutes
November 14, 2022By Cuisine

Wellington chef Shepherd Elliott creates a menu that pays homage to European bistros and American steakhouses of the 20th century..

Shepherd Elliott, co-owner of Wellington restaurant Concord

Roasted oysters, crayfish cocktails, steak with frites, fish in beurre blanc, Caesar salads – there is a definite vibe happening around the world with a return to elegance and a healthy dash of hedonism without the fuss, and Shepherd Elliott has his finger on the pulse. This is a chef with a proven talent for creating eclectic and hip eateries. Along with overseeing Wellington institution Leed’s Street Bakery and Cuisine Good Food Award two-hatted restaurant Shepherd, he’s the co-owner of restaurant Concord where these iconic plates are cleverly elevating traditional bistro/steakhouse-style dishes and pulling in a crowd that is chic and cool. Shepherd says that the menu at Concord is definitely about classics which showcase fantastic New Zealand flavour, and there is no better time than this summer to be sitting down for a long luxurious lunch and a first-class cocktail.

Although you do need to have Concord on your must-eat-at list, here’s your chance to take advantage of Shepherd’s genius chef’s tips and hard-learned techniques to deliver your own comforting and classy affair. All you need now is a drinks trolley, a splash of showmanship and perhaps a dash of Dean, Sammy & Frank.