We’ve looked back through our Christmas issues across 30 years and picked a selection of winning recipes from our Cuisine family of writers and recipe developers past and present. We bring back inspired favourites from Lauraine Jacobs, Ray McVinnie, Ginny Grant, Fiona Smith, Ruth Pretty, Natalia Schamroth, Celia Harvey and Al Brown. These recipes prove that a great Cuisine recipe is a great Cuisine recipe, no matter how old. We love that! And so, as you head into the endless rounds of celebrations and parties, cook and eat well, have a safe and delicious festive season, and be fabulous! – Kelli Brett, Cuisine Editor


Preparation: 30 mins plus 24 hours standing time
Serves: 6
24 hours standing time
Salt Fish Salad

Salt Fish Salad

24 hours standing time



Preparation: 15 mins
Serves: 10 - 12
Cook: 40 mins
Salade Rouge


Preparation: 30 mins plus cooling and chilling time
Serves: 8
Cook : 35 mins
Strawberry Tarts