A commitment to less-loved cuts and a strong emphasis on Kiwi produce are the principles guiding chef-owners Jordan MacDonald and Kyle Street (pictured). Couple these with a desire to have fun and offer excitement and you get innovative, playful food with bags of wow. Smaller dishes are delivered on circling trolleys and trays yum cha-style, then come the larger plates to share such as braised pig face – rich, succulent braised pork jowl with a sticky pan jus, crunchy bitter radicchio and witloof mixed through strips of apple-pickled swede, all topped with a huge pork puff. In keeping with the food, the drinks offering is interesting, quirky and edgy, including an eye-catching group of skin contact wines. Here are two talented Kiwi chefs pushing boundaries and taking risks, ensuring that a meal at Culprit is full-on entertainment.

IN BRIEF Wow-worthy food to have fun with