A quiet achiever serving some of the finest dining in Wellington, this boldly decorated restaurant throws in some frills that won’t fail to intrigue. Brightly coloured chairs rest at every table and a huge ornate gilded mirror is lit by chandeliers. The food marries French techniques with some of New Zealand’s finest ingredients. Chef Jiwon Do experiments with an array of flavour combinations woven together to create extravagant and unexpected delights such as seared salmon with pickled pikopiko, sea chicory and soy mirin-cured confit egg yolk. ‘Le chevreuil sauvage’, meaning ‘wild deer’, is the restaurant’s signature dish and includes indigenous ingredients such as venison short loin served with horopito, kelp, wood-ear mushrooms, juniper-berry jus, and fig and gipsy bacon. It’s a joy to be in the skilful hands of the chefs.

IN BRIEF A Kiwi/French fine-dining experience