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September 26, 2020By Cuisine


“As a food-obsessed traveller, I spent a lot of my time walking the streets, eating and observing how the locals live and eat.”

My first travel overseas was to Bali on a family holiday when I was 11; it opened my eyes and changed my life. As soon as I could I travelled further, mostly within Asia as that’s the place that calls to me the loudest. I had planned on travelling to south India later this year – on a solo mission to celebrate my 40th birthday and, let’s be honest, eat as much delicious food as I could – but with travel restrictions in place indefinitely that trip is now on hold. Cooking and eating at home with flavours from my travels is the next best thing to actually being there. Along with banh xeo and rice paper rolls from Vietnam, appa (appam/hoppers) from Sri Lanka, pad Thai from Thailand and gado gado from Indonesia, this collection of recipes represents my all-time favourite dishes from my travels and the ones I crave most often. I hope you enjoy this style of armchair travelling, or more correctly kitchen-table travelling, as much as I did while creating these recipes.


10 mins plus overnight soaking and further overnight fermenting