1 Heilala Alcohol-Free Vanilla Paste is a welcome addition to its range, packing in all the complex vanilla flavours we want but in an alcohol-free formula. With the sustainable credentials Heilala is known for, every product promises a distinctive flavour backed by Heilala’s humanitarian mission and fair treatment of the vanilla farmers in Tonga. 65g for $25.94. heilalavanilla.co.nz

2 Ice cubes? Sure they do the job but aren’t they just a bit, well, boring? Never fear, bling up your summer sips with these Zoku ice moulds. Be a party prince or princess with ice crowns, choose from sophisticated ripples and facets or cute-as daisy motifs, or go for full-on fun ice sharks. The silicon moulds mean it’s easy to turn out perfect cool cubes. From $34.99, available from Chef’s Complements, Milly’s Kitchen and Home Essentials.

3 What’s going on – ginger beer that’s actually beer and lemonade that is, um, also beer? We’re always keen to see what the clever folk at Sawmill brewery are up to, so we’re jumping into these new releases by the brewery’s Awkward Refreshments label. We love the malty beer base of the Awkward Ginger Beer (4.5%) with warmth from ginger and cinnamon and the oomph of lemon. The Awkward Quite Hard Lemonade (4.5%) packs in all the freshness and zest of Hawke’s Bay lemons. $23.99 for a 6-pack. sawmillbrewery.co.nz

4 Pure Delish’s new range of Wellness cereals are designed to help improve immunity and gut health, and boost the metabolism. We loved the Black Doris Plum Grain-ola – if the fibre, plant-based calcium and pre- and probiotics are good for your gut that’s a bonus, but we just loved the taste of this crunchy, nutty blend. Other flavours are mānuka honey and cashew, blueberry and blackcurrant and keto blends peach, pecan and vanilla, and strawberry and pistachio. $16.50 for 350g. puredelish.co.nz

5 Just add sparkling water or soda to Little Pips fruit-soda syrups to make a delicious thirst-quenching cooler for summer. The three flavours – Black Doris plum, lemon, and strawberry and rhubarb – are all made from fresh fruit grown in New Zealand, organic sugar, water and natural preservatives. We also wouldn’t say no to a plum Bellini or a dash of strawberry and rhubarb with prosecco, or lemon syrup cake, anyone? $15 for 500ml. littlepips.co.nz

6 Whittakers’ seasonal limited-edition treat packs festive flavours into a Candy Cane Block – Whittakers creamy milk chocolate studded through with chunks of peppermint candy canes. The bright, festive wrapper incorporates a gift label so you don’t even need to bust out the sticky tape and wrapping paper. On a serious note, it is Rainforest Alliance-certified and made with 100% traceable Ghanaian cocoa beans. $5.80 for 250g block. whittakers.co.nz