Issue 216: Give a man a fish…

Martin Bosley catches up with Teresa Pert, head chef at Wellington’s Ortega Fish Shack.

Heart & Land

In this extract from her book Kai, Christall Lowe brings food from her pātaka (storehouse) to your family table with…

Recipes for success

In this extract from her book First, Cream the Butter and Sugar, Emelia Jackson teaches us recipes, techniques and…

Women taking charge

When we asked Cuisine staffers to tell us their favourite cookbooks and recipes, we knew we were in for a treat – boil…

Wild About Kai

Kaelah James takes freshly caught fish straight onto the fire and cooks wild food into delicious dishes.


Caesar salad makeovers, miso ideas, clever ways with corn and popcorn from David Neville.

Kindred Spirits

From the first pioneers to the latest innovators, the New Zealand spirits industry has been shaped by resourceful,…

You beauties!

Ginny Grant stretches out the summer with clever ideas for late-summer vege.

Purple Graze

Hijacked by its emoji, eggplant needs a PR makeover – these dishes by Fiona Smith put its deliciousness firmly in…

Ultimate Flavours

Kelli Brett finds plenty for everyone in the Bay of Plenty.