With fairy lights sparkling, Greek lettering on the whitewashed wall and a jovial atmosphere, Oikos delivers the ambience for a great casual evening. Owner Theo Papouis (pictured), tells that Oikos means family or the place a family calls home, and in keeping with that the food has an unpretentious home-made quality, cleverly using traditional Greek and Cypriot ingredients in a modern Kiwi manner. A small selection of Oikos’ house wines, some Greek, well suit this style. As befits a simple dish, the Xtapodi presents tender fried octopus piled high on a thick slice of bread slathered in with white taramasalata, skillfully combining complementary flavours and contrasting textures. Topped with smashed pasteli, a sublime smooth-set yoghurt flavoured with rose water, is a refreshing end.

IN BRIEF Good times and hearty Greek cooking