Most new restaurants start off small, make a name for themselves, then expand to suit their success. At Pasture, however, they do things differently – yes, they started off with just a 20-seater restaurant and Ed and Laura Verner (pictured) garnered well-earned praise for their thoughtful, quality-driven approach (including being named our 2017 Chef of the Year). But, they have recently taken the dining experience in a new direction. Just six diners per sitting will be welcomed to enjoy the theatre at the chef’s counter, before retiring to the lounge after dinner. The philosophy is still based around in-house preservation, fermentation, curing, dry-aging, baking and cheesemaking. The timing of this refocus meant that we were not able to assess Pasture for this year’s awards, but we are confident that it will continue to delight those lucky enough to score a seat at the counter.