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November 25, 2019By Cuisine

In the George Hotel in Christchurch, the entrance to Pescatore looks out over the weeping willows of Hadley Park and is in stark contrast to its surrounds. The all-white décor is immersive; white walls and marble floors evoke A Space Odyssey feeling. The restaurant itself provides further deviations as honey-coloured wood and backlit panelling featuring native flora capture a contemporary elegance. As the name suggests, the menu leans towards seafood. Chef Ryan Henley’s culinary philosophy intertwines sustainably caught seafood with seasonal foraged ingredients. The Zen-like plating of the dishes marries art and cuisine: the slow-cooked organic egg yolk is served in the middle of a deep black bowl, its glistening orangey yolk surrounded by a white potato purée. Sommelier Keith Larson easily imparts the minutiae of menu information and his enthusiasm for wine alongside exceptional cuisine makes for a memorable dining experience.

IN BRIEF Seafood at its finest in a modern setting