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Apart from the squid, all the ingredients for this fun little snack can be prepared up to 3 days in advance. If puffed fish skin isn’t your thing, slices of grilled focaccia make a simple, tasty alternative.

Fresh New Zealand arrow squid is one of the unheralded delights of the NZ seafood scene. If your fishmonger is unable to source fresh squid for you, frozen squid will also work very well; just make sure to drain it well before cooking.

Puffed fish skin adds a great texture and flavour to a dish. In a kitchen such as Bistronomy, where we are focussed on as little waste as possible, it is also a way to take a product that is often thrown away and add value. In this recipe I have used salmon skin but most varieties of fish work well. You can prepare the skins in bulk ahead of time as, once dried, they will keep for up to two weeks, in fact their ‘puffability’ will improve a few days after drying as they re-hydrate slightly.

Serve with Hawke's Martini

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Pork & Shiitake-Stuffed Squid

While I love the texture that cellophane noodles provide I’m often infuriated by the mess they make when trying to separate them out – I’ve found the solution is to buy packets where they are bundled into small portions of around 50g, which are perfect to use here. I used frozen squid bodies, but you could use fresh. Incidentally this mix is delicious used as a filling for dumplings.