Sister of the famous Satya restaurant, this bigger, bolder Satya Chai Lounge on K’ Road is hard to find, with no street signage (just look for the coffee sacks), an easy, stylish charm, exceptional beer and wonderful South Indian food. Take a seat on a padded, coffee-sack-covered beer crate, surrounded by cozy carpet-slung walls and twinkling lights. The food is balanced, flavoursome and moreish, making it the ideal place for a casual dinner. The dahi puri are an absolute must – a combination of crisp, sweet, sour and spicy all doused in super-fresh homemade chaat masala – heaven in a bite. Order a bowl of the cool dip of yoghurt, tamarind and date to foil all the deep-fried richness. The drinks menu has many craft gems, the wine list is small, but interesting, as is the cocktail and non-alcoholic drinks list.

IN BRIEF Fresh Indian flavours in a funky K’ Road setting