Asian-styled lanterns sway above White & Wong’s, illuminating diners and drinkers who are mixing and matching east-meets-west cuisine with complementary cocktails and wines. A long, brightly lit window gives a view of the kitchen drama and the production of your first dish, perhaps a roast pork belly gua bao, teamed with a twisted Caprioska, spiked with yuzu sparkling sake. All of the dishes are made for sharing although the panfried hāpuku in a punchy dry curry, vibrant with fresh mint and coriander is hard to give up. Equally difficult to share are the desserts. Often this is the least inspiring course in an Asian eatery, but here, skillful cooking elevates classics such as brulée with a surprising combination of flavours; lemongrass and pandan, pecan ice cream and a creamy banana and coconut foam to top it off.

IN BRIEF Exciting Asian street food to mix and match