ADDRESS: 86 Federal St, CBD, Auckland
CONTACT: 09 363 7048
Check website for opening hours
MAINS: $34 – $42

SCORE: 17/20

Welcome to Al’s place. Chef, author, restaurateur and entrepreneur Al Brown has his name firmly attached to this Federal St eatery that is part of the SkyCity collective. Al is a relaxed and generous guy, and that’s reflected in the offerings you’ll encounter here. He brings us an authentic taste of Kiwi-casual, driven by his own extraordinary culinary adventures, which showcase the very best from our growers, farmers and producers. It starts with the raw bar: an exemplary model with the latest breeds included. You’ll want to explore more, and there’s ample opportunity with a jewelled charcuterie selection, abutted by some substantial mains. Service-wise we find a well-trained team, members of whom deliver a smart, casual, no-fuss experience that is the backbone of great Kiwi hospitality. Al’s input extends to the drinks list: you’ll even find his wines among the line-up.

IN BRIEF: Kiwi-centric food memories are made of this


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