Wellington Region


Logan Brown

When it comes to spending hard-earned dollars, nothing matters more…

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Graze Wine Bar

Low waste, buying local, slow fish, second hand - that’s the ethos…

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Monique Fiso is a prize-winning storyteller, in text and on the…

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First there was Nikau Café - a daytime place with significant…

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It's hard to find great staff, harder still out of town. And here…

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Bellamys by Logan Brown

One does not dine here on the spur of the moment. Security dictates…

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Boulcott Street Bistro

After more than 25 years, this bistro is still serving some of the…

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Capitol Restaurant

Co-owner and chef Tom Hutchison gives the big thumbs-down to ego in…

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Charley Noble

Attention to detail is the key to this big, buzzy restaurant's…

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Concord Bistro & Bar

There’s a lot to like about the old Lido. The address itself, for a…

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Field & Green

“European Soul Food” is what chef and co-owner Laura Greenfield says…

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Day in, day out, seven days a week from morning until night,…

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Highwater Eatery

Head chef Alric Hansen and co-owner Ben Farrant have achieved the…

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Hillside Kitchen

Owner Asher Boote made Hillside meatless five years ago. The proof of…

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Jano Bistro

Chef Pierre-Alain Fenoux and partner/co-owner Diana Goh took over…

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You may remember Margot in her previous incarnation as Bar Mason. Big…

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Ortega Fish Shack

Welcome to the world of gills-to-fin cookery, courtesy of staunch…

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Here at Shepherd Elliott’s eponymous spot, everything has an…

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