ADDRESS: 95 Upland Rd, Kelburn, Wellington
CONTACT: 022 302 8242
Check website for opening hours
MAINS: $25 – $40

SCORE: 18/20

Low waste, buying local, slow fish, second hand – that’s the ethos that pervades in what was once a village butchery. This neighbourhood wine bar is the work of emerging chef Max Gordy and front-of-house superstar Christina Persen. The ex-Hillside pair has relocated their sustainability skills to a site just a stone’s throw from the cable car. Grab a seat at the bar and be drawn into the preparation of food that tells an inspiring story of sustainability from the ground up. When it comes to taste, Max demonstrates an incredible understanding of the importance of layers. The blackboard menu is full of sharing dishes (memories are made of cute little cornmeal pancakes layered with a textural triumph of beets and nuts), or you can let chef decide for you. A small but honest wine list introduces a taste of some of our lesser-known winemakers.

IN BRIEF: Amazing graze, how sweet the sound of sustainability


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