ADDRESS: 90 Federal St, CBD, Auckland
CONTACT: 09 363 6278
Check website for opening hours
MAINS: $37 – $72 (set menus available)

SCORE: 17/20

Celebrating its 10th year, and still as glamorous as ever, this bustling restaurant and bar, combined with the theatre of the robata charcoal grill, ensure this is an engaging place to be. Nic Watt’s consistent standard is what makes for delightful dining. The choices can be overwhelming, such is the array on offer. Your best bet is to select a few from each section of the kitchen. The thick-cut atsuzukuri-style sashimi is spankingly fresh. Likewise, the perfectly cooked teriyaki salmon from the robata. Highlights are the vegetable side dishes: umami bombs without exception. Too hard to choose? The Shomi set menu, filled with signature favourites, is one of the best-value dining experiences around. Or up the game and go for the premium Tokusen set. The drinks menu is vast and varied, with plenty of lively cocktails, and there’s a truly wonderful sake list.

IN BRIEF: A robata revelation on Federal St


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