ADDRESS: 42 Queens Gardens, Dunedin
CONTACT: 03 926 9770
Check website for opening hours
SET MENU: $99 five courses

SCORE: 17.5/20

Chef and co-owner Sam Gasson has solid local roots, but he honed his culinary skills internationally before bringing his talents back home. Here at this cosy 26-seater with an industrial-brick backdrop, he aims to create food that evokes emotion by telling a story. The introduction presents a quintet of snacks where sourdough, blue cheese and pâté are among the characters. For a longer read, a five-course set menu constantly evolves, very much influenced by what’s hottest in local produce stocks. You can expect Asian influences with intriguing combinations (the fish dish is served with miso tofu, leek and nori). The charcoal cooker plays a starring role at this address that Sam co-owns with partner Kim Underwood. They deliver on their ethos of awesome food and epic service. A boutique selection of wine, beer and non-alcoholic offerings completes this very pretty picture where everyone lives happily ever after.

IN BRIEF: A right royal unpretentious treat in the Queens Gardens


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