ADDRESS: 210 Symonds St, Eden Terrace, Auckland
CONTACT: 09 377 1911
Check website for opening hours
MAINS: $45

SCORE: 19/20

Behind every great chef is … another great chef. The fact that the famed Sid Sahrawat allows his crew to shine in their own individual right at his eponymous Symonds St restaurant speaks mega-volumes. On this menu, we find every chef has their own designed and perfected dish. Sid is clearly in charge, but it’s lovely to see this portion of confidence handed out. It’s even lovelier to be privy to all they do. Even the most commonplace ingredient rockets to star-studded status: most notable mention going to the ‘potato cooked in its own skin’ starter, a portrait of true excellence. There’s a cool, urban sophisticated vibe, the attentive wait staff are on point and some truly exceptional wines match the equivalent in food. We could not ask for more – unless it was for a return ticket. 

IN BRIEF: An outstanding experience from the best of the best


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