CUISINE CHEESE WATCH / Lynton Noir – Cranky Goat, Marlborough Sounds

By Cuisine1 Minutes
April 16, 2019By Cuisine

Lynton Noir is a new bloomy rind (white mould) cheese from the always-innovative folk at Cranky Goat. Truly a family affair, Cranky Goat is owned and operated by the Lamb family who specialise in premium goat’s cheese (not sheep…) Nestled in the idyllic Marlborough Sounds, production started in April 2014 and innovation has been a key aspect to the business right from the start.

From their smoked soft goat’s cheese through to goat’s cheese smothered in grappa-soaked raisins (a firm Christmas favourite here at C’est Cheese), Cranky Goat is always looking to up the ante. Early in its life, Lynton Noir has a characteristically pale and firmish paste that is both creamy and mildly tangy. As the cheese ages, the paste will become softer as the exterior white mould works its way from the surface inwards (a process called proteolysis).

The innovative touch is the inclusion of Marlborough black garlic which, aside from its striking appearance, lends a well-balanced, savoury and earthy dimension to the cheese. Paired with cured meats, pickles and savoury jams, Lynton Noir is the perfect candidate for a special cheese board.