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With growing awareness of the health and environmental benefits of eating a plant-based diet, I see more and more people turning to plants such as quinoa and hemp seeds to meet their protein needs. In the past these had to be imported, so buying them undid a lot of the environmental reasoning behind why one would choose to eat them (other than their deliciousness, of course). Thankfully, more and more NZ farmers are diversifying their crops to include both plants. Hemp is now grown around the country and sold by numerous companies (search NZ-grown hemp online to buy or ask at your local healthfood store). We also have two families now growing quinoa here in NZ; Kiwi Quinoa in Taihape and New Zealand Quinoa in Taranaki, both products available throughout the country and also online. Not only are these two powerhouse plants nutrient dense, they’re incredibly versatile and can be eaten whole, ground into flour and, in the case of hemp, can be used to make everything from bioplastics and textiles, to insulation (there’s even a Canadian company trialling the world’s first airplane made almost entirely from hemp and powered with hemp oil). Hemp may also prove to be one of our best defences against climate change as the plants are able to breathe in four times the carbon dioxide of trees during its quick 12-14 week growing cycle. They truly are the plants of the future.

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