Recipe Category: Sarah Tuck


Coopers Union

Spring is a great time for a Coopers Union, a classic cocktail that is a little different. Similar to an Old Fashioned, this is a blend of smooth, bright whisky (such as a lowland Scottish or aged Irish), elderflower and orange and cardamom bitters. The clever twist is that you rinse the glass with a peaty, smoky bold whisky: your brain thinks it is in for a big, bold bomb of a cocktail, but you are actually greeted by a very pleasant, light concoction.


The Civil Servant

The beginning of spring means all the new season sauvignon blancs are released, and there’s a great selection of citrus. For The Civil Servant we have taken these to make a refreshing mandarin, fennel and sauvignon blanc cocktail. With any leftover mandarins you could make marmalade, then you can have this drink (or something like it) all year round.



This is a classic French 75, an adaptable and fun cocktail given a springtime twist by using a tea syrup to balance the lemon juice. We love using the Runaway Rose tea from Libertine Blends in Wellington as it bounces with great notes of rose, lavender and vanilla. We’ve chosen Lighthouse gin as its citrussy components sit well with the floral notes of the tea. Of course, depending on your personal taste, you could go for a spiced orange and horopito tea from Kerikeri Tea which pairs excellently with the spicy notes in Reid+Reid Native gin.