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August 13, 2019By Cuisine

I’VE SPENT A DECENT AMOUNT of time travelling throughout southern and southeast Asia (and my husband also happens to be Vietnamese). While I adore all Asian cuisines, as a vegetarian the food of Indonesia is right up there as some of my all-time favourite. Tempeh and tofu are the darlings of the vegetarian diet worldwide and, well, Indonesians just know how to make these sometimes polarising proteins absolutely delicious! While tofu is eaten throughout east and southeast Asia, tempeh is specific to Indonesia where it’s most often fried, then cooked into all manner of tasty dishes. The following recipes are all Indonesianinspired dishes using either tofu or tempeh. Some are more traditional in nature, such as the tofu fritters with tomato sambal, sweet and sour tempeh or gado gado, whereas others are my plant-based takes on the classics, such as tempeh rendang or the mildly addictive coconut and lime-kissed shredded tofu salad. These recipes are the next best thing to booking that Indonesian holiday…