Crisp confit chicken & potatoes with watercress, radicchio & orange salad

Use some of the confit oil to toss with cubes of potato, add some thyme, season with salt and pepper and roast in the oven until golden. Brown the chicken in a pan and then finish cooking in the oven. Make a salad with watercress, radicchio or other bitter leaves, add segments of orange and serve with a citrus dressing.

Chicken, mushroom & silverbeet fettuccine

Blanch silverbeet leaves then shred into lengths. Fry chopped mushrooms with some of the confit oil, add slices of garlic (or the confit garlic) and shredded chicken meat, the blanched silverbeet and cook until heated through. Add chopped parsley, lemon juice and then toss with cooked fresh fettuccine, a little of the pasta cooking water and garnish with parmesan.


Preparation: 10 mins plus salting overnight
Serves: 6
Cook : 2 hours


10 mins plus salting overnight