It would be fair to say that I enjoy a good cocktail and, of course, I love food – so I jumped at the chance to create some racione-style dishes to pair with the exciting cocktails created by Peter Lowry and Laura Walker of Wellington’s Forresters Lane. I have only been to Spain once, about a million years ago at the tender age of 17, so these dishes are my interpretation of some classic flavours. Go ahead, round up a few mates, break out the cocktails and raise a glass to the start of spring.


The Richard Parker


Coopers Union

Panfried Salmon with Romesco & Lemony Herb & Nut Salad


Chicken, Green Olive & Manchego Frittata, Fresh Spring Greens

The Civil Servant

Fideua with Squid & Prawns, Lemon & Garlic Allioli