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It's that curiosity and a keen sense of trying to make a sustainably produced and ethically raised product that makes Josh Hill from Poaka one of the trailblazers for modern, small-scale farming.

Cuisine Artisan Awards Finalists announced 2019

There’s always excitement at this time of year as we dive into the Cuisine Artisan Awards and learn of the ideas, ingenuity and hard work that makers put in to turn New Zealand’s top-quality produce into innovative boutique products.


IT WAS WHILE travelling through South America that Dan and Jacqui Cottrell first started to tinker with the idea of growing quinoa in New Zealand.


“Without fermentation we would die,” says Connal Finlay. Gosh, I never knew. That’s exactly why Connal wanted to stage Ferment!

Cuisine Artisan Awards 2019

Here at Cuisine we just love to discover the people who pour their energy, ideas and sheer hard work into turning New Zealand’s fresh, top-quality produce into innovative, artisan products.


Nestled in the rejuvenated Auckland suburb of Morningside you’ll find an exciting new venture by Miann that is not only pushing the boundaries of New Zealand’s chocolate culture, but demonstrating the absolute cutting edge of what is happening internationally in the chocolate industry

Jo Kempton Happy Belly Ferments

Riding the tide of interest in natural wellness, probiotic drinks are increasingly popular, no longer to be found just in health-food shops but crowding our supermarket shelves and cafe menus, too.

Ben Leggett Elemental Distillers

“Our biggest problem is that most consumers don’t know what it is, or what to do with it,” says Ben Leggett of the range of aromatic cocktail bitters made by his Marlborough boutique distillery, Elemental Bitters.

Hogarth Craft Chocolate

If you haven't tried yet tried a chocolate bar from Nelson’s Hogarth Craft Chocolate then their new Alto Beni ‘dark milk’ bar would be a great place to start.

Scapegrace Gin

Gin Lovers Mark Neal, Daniel Mclaughlin and Richard Bourke believed that gin had an image problem. It was perceived as very proper, serious and stuck in the past.

Paekākāriki Pops

While many Wellingtonians no doubt welcomed the uncharacteristically balmy summer the region has been experiencing, Amy Delahunty and Chrissy Vize had more reason than most to celebrate.